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I know you have read around and seen a dozen movies that say there is no shortcut to success. But I reckon you will

Key to instant success

Key to instant success ; source :

agree with me that there is a shortcut to fame. If fame can bring you promotion then you can find out a way of making gold out of it. Let’s not get into my intricate philosophical ramblings and hit the topic head on.

Here is your shortcut to instant fame.
Buy a domain name or register a company with the word TATA in it.

I mostly deal with online ventures so we will stick to the domains funda. Now you may wonder what good it does. To that, here is the secret. Check out this case of being taken over by TATA sons. You would have a fair idea what I am talking about now. It is a simple three step process to instant fame.

  • Buy a domain with TATA word in it.
  • Tatas will claim their rights to your domain.
  • You will be all over the media.

Sounds good, eh? Go for it. I would also suggest some domains that are available and very lucrative. ( social networking site) (for an Indian site) (in case you want a porno site) (read tain-tain-phis recommended for social book marking)

Tata sons should also sue these sites. (@tata Please consider giving me a commission for giving you this brilliant idea) (its a parked domain right now but you may buy it over for snacks bar portal)

Got some other suggestions for Tata people like this? Please share in the comments.

Blog Comments

LOL. Its sad that Tata Sons are resorting to such tactics now.
And that batatavada thing was hilarious. Imagine tata enforcing their logo on all batatavada sellers on mumbai locals. he he.

If I would then would buy the…lol

Very interesting tatabyebye business

Hmnn. Serious stuff then. It looked like some thing humorous on first note. One has to be very careful these days while doing business online.

waa nice one bro.. but if i do it. could tata son will look at my site? :p