Great Google Doodles by Indian Kids

Here are some great Google Doodles made by Indian children to be used on the Google India homepage for Children’s Day. Those who are not aware of the term Doodles let me tell you these are creative Google Logos used on Google Homepages worldwide on special days or in honor of special people and events.

Google Doodles have beenΒ  the center of gossip on social media portals. The latest being the Sesame Street doodles. Before that The UFO doodles made big news and there were many conjectures as to what they signify, finally Google laid the mystery to rest announcing that they were to remember HG Well, celebrated Sci-Fi writer.

Doodle by Indian children are about our culture and will be displayed on home page. Check them out. All Image credits go to Google.

The following three were made my children in class 7th – 10th

A Google Doodle showcasing India diversity day to day life

Special Children's Day Google Doodle

Saga of Indian Music Doodle

Saga of Indian Music Doodle

The following three are my favorite among the Doodles made by kiddos in class 4 – 6.

India : From bullock carts to Lunar Missions

India : From bullock carts to Lunar Missions

This one is so cute. Got depth too.

This one is so cute. Got depth too.

Well Said : our heart - our villages

Well Said : our heart - our villages

Check out all of them on Google. I love them all but could include a few here.

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  1. Jeanie Angelilli says:

    These are really adorable! The kids did a great job and it looked like they worked really hard on it too. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  2. nirmal says:

    These children will sure rock the world. These are really creative arts. I like the color combination.

  3. Mohd Saqib says:

    Nice collection rooturaj ji…. creative arts too.. like all doodles.. πŸ™‚

  4. cute doodles. Lets see which one of them comes up on children’s day.

  5. TechChunks says:

    India is Great! πŸ™‚

  6. Rooturaj says:

    I am glad you all appreciated the work of lil hands. Thank you Jeanie, Saqib, Nirmal for dropping by.

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