A friend asked me on Facebook : How to upload GIFs to Facebook? Does not facebook block all non JPG/PNG graphic uploads? Then how to people upload images like this one to facebook? That was not the first time I had come across an animated image on Facebook. Orkut and Google+ used to the only places where we used to […]

Duplicate stories in Facebook News Feed

I spend a way too much time on facebook. Its virtually open all the time on a dedicated chrome / firefox tab. Lolz. Here is the snapshot of an update from a friend that was duplicated. Posts like this take a lot of visible space on the feed space. While the more important ones get pushed down. If that is […]

I was tagged on a note / link shared by a friend. The content was in Spanish language and I am dead sure this particular friend has no Spanish girlfriend for whom he would learn Spanish overnight. The thumbnail accompanying the link was showed some semi nude women. That was enough to trigger a spam alert in my already spam suspicious brain. […]

If you arrived on this page then you must be looking for a way to get those sweet looking facebook page urls. I assume you already know how to get kool Vanity urls for your profile. If you want a flat url or Vanity url for your profile. Simply go to Home > Account Setting > Edit Username. Thats all. […]

Before I tell you how to get unlimited free Facebook likes and Twitter followers please take a moment to read my previous post about buying facebook likes and fans. This post will tell you the SECRET to thousands of Fans for your business page or fan page on Facebook. You can use this same system to build Twitter followers and […]

Well yes we all are crazy about Social Media marketing these days. Even though people just jump at the name and almost anyone who signed up for Twitter or knows how to make a Facebook page claims to be a Social Media Expert. The truth actually is far from it. They are actually jobless people who would do anything for […]

What do you make out of such status updates by women on facebook these days? On My Bed – Soft and Familiar On the Big Table i like it in da closet….:) dining table with candles lit. I know what you are thinking. But thats not it. There is nothing related to sex here.  Read On. Man you put a […]

Notice the two developments on Facebook in recent past. Some days ago Facebook killed “Become a Fan” option and forced on us the “Like” alternative.(Ref1) Before that about a year ago we used to get updates about which friend became a fan of which site or application.  This is history now. They seriously do not want you to use their […]

Chhenapoda.com : A Prequel

Me and some friends form my native state of Odisha recently planned to bring up a group blog to highlight Odia issues and keep the Odia (Oriya) community update with latest news that concerns us. I would take this opportunity to thank Miss Nivedita Dash (Journalist) and Mr Suraj Harichandan (Banker) to have helped me conceptualize the idea and helping […]

One of my journalist friends alerted me to a news piece on Mail today. I was horrified with the views of this fanatic who posts  with the avatar of “ultrablue”. I mean who would not be …see his thoughts about other races. Here is a link to the sick post. You better not read it. It might cause your blood […]