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January 11, 2010

3-idiotsYesterday I saw the movie 3 Idiots. This is a true tale of India’s educational system. It is competition form day one after your birth. If you are in a metro city like New Delhi and Mumbai you know how difficult it is to get into a decent school. What right do we have to kill the colorful world of  a four year old kid. They have to sit interviews and are bred to see their friends as competitors. (img Src :

While scanning through some of the products online at the CES 2010 I came across some weird ones. This particular device called “BabyPlus Prenatal Education system” has been intriguing me for the last few hours. Was it not enough that you are taking the fun out of kids at the age of 3.  Isn’t Home work and ranking system a curse big enough?  You want to ruin their lives even before they see the light of the world?

Womb Raiders
Womb Raiders (

This device produces a range of sounds that mimic mother’s heart beat. Their bull shit research shows this will make your baby more “interactive, responsive, relaxed and alert”.  I might put it in another simpler way if you would like to hear. Your child will be “stressed, restless, pissed off and sleep less”. The mother has to wear the device two times, one hour each time. If you can hear the poor chap inside, it is saying – “Mom – I am not ready yet.”

If the mother’s heartbeat was that good for the fetus then the wombs would be the chest and not in the pelvis. Nature has had a longer time experimenting with us than these people. I am not against technology but something like this that is totally profit motivated and has the potential of deeply influencing out social setup should be controlled; better banned.

To end my rambling I say the power still lies with the consumer. Tell them what you want for your kid. They have a life of their own. Don’t force it upon them. Let them choose.


  1. I appretiate your concern for the kids, friend. It does not seem the product would be a massive hit. As a mother I would never let something like that near my baby. Good writing.

  2. Your society and nature threads make good reads for me. I don’t get much hang of your technology posts and you are yet to train me on social media stuff.

    About this device I will agree with the previous commenter. Why confuse the lil thing with two heart beats?

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