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My SEO Training Program for Delhites

Hey Guys, Been long since I updated my own blog. Thanks for the comments.

Now this is big. We have a Kickass SEO Training Program specially designed for Delhi people. I have been constantly receiving queries from young chaps about a possibility of learning how we do the Internet marketing for our clients. We get more queries for people wanting to learn how to make websites but sorry that is not happening so soon. So the SEO training classes are up and active and we are expecting your support to make it a success.

I seriously did not want to start yet another crappy SEO program that are already screwing young minds in Delhi. I hate to tell you that most of the people who call themselves SEOs in Delhi are downright morons. There are just a handful of good guys.

Am I one of the good guys? Ah you can find that out when you work with me. But till then I have the pleasure of having my long time friend and SEO Superman Philip Nikolayev from Boston who will be coaching prospective candidates along side me.  He will be here in person this October to teach the first batch. Exciting is it not. Hey did I tell you this Mr Super SEO is a PHD in literature from Harvard, Cambridge.

So thats it – you are not going to be taught SEO by pathetic link-building spammers. It will be a master content creator and a web technology megamind (yeah thats me – it feels so good proclaiming yourself this big) who take on the responsibility of making you good Internet Marketers.

snap shot from our website. cute eh?
snap shot from our website. cute eh?

The Course content for SEO will be flexible and we offer everything that you want to know to be a successful internet marketer. On demand curriculum. Heard of that before. Plus life long support and placement assistance with our existing clients.


  1. @nd t
    what difference does it make?
    you need some serious SEO education. Join the course two know how and where PR matters.

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I have started a new project called the Indic Dictionary. This will cover popular household words in India and what they are called in various languages. Eventually, I will make this an easy to use app where where people can easily find something like “hing in English” or “Tea Tree Oil in Hindi” or “carrom seeds in Urdu”.