Hello Folks, It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. Life had been really busy yet awesome. Now among the awesome things that we have been doing lately includes foraying into mobile applications development. We had been providing SEO and internet marketing services to many popular IT companies specializing in Android and iOS app development. But […]

Solution to  Dreamweaver / Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects / inDesign / Fire Works etc Crashing problem on PCs that recently upgraded to Windows 10 or just installed Adobe CS5 / CS4 / CS6 and similar after installing Windows 10 operating system. Problem: On launching Adobe CS5 product, the application flashes for a second and then closes. Opening Dreamweaver / Flash […]

This little PNG editing Encyclopedia will address all your PNG / transparent background photo editing problems. Some of the tips, tricks and tools are for advanced users who know some degree of photo editing like photoshop or similar tools. Most of them are for regular non technical users without any knowledge of photo editing. Free online PNG Editors 1. Pixlr […]

I offer various business solutions for small and medium business to start-up and regular companies in Delhi / Boston / Leeds / London. Though I primarily serve clients in these cities I am not limited to any geography. Here are my direct services and services I recommend and offer through my business associates. Web Development – Let’s get your business […]

10 awesome modern free fonts

Finding awesome fonts that are free are a great pain in the bum for newbie designers or non-designers to wish to make a quick logo or present some text in an attractive manner. I have compiled 10 awesome and high quality fonts that are free. When I say free, it means free for personal use. You cannot use them commercially. […]

Ha this is my crazy idea to get a templatep2p invitation. I need one invitation badly and I am willing to pay for it. You can see I am seriously interested in web programming and UX. So please be satisfied that you are helping a guy in need. If you want a payment for the same – quote it. I […]

Have you ever wondered about those special links that let you activate your Instant Messenger when you click a link on some website and let you talk to their customer support or Sales guy? Ever wanted to include the same on your own blog or website? Here is my one stop guide to all special messenger links. You don’t always […]

Hey Designer! Wassup. I assume you to be a designer working with photoshop. Else you would not have been here. Any way lets get to the point straightaway.  You are here because you Cannot edit a PNG file in photoshop or probably your background layer is locked. Further you are not able to create any layers using marquee tools or […]