Are you into the Big Data syndrome yet? Big Data analytics and reporting is the next big thing in tech world these days. Apache spark is fast becoming the most favored platform of crunching large scale data. As the makers of Apache Spark put it : Run programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on […]

Google Weather API not working

This is crazy, I know. For the first time in my life I am dumping a google service to move over to a Yahoo service. Finally I have decided to stop banging my head around Google and start using Yahoo’s weather API. All widgets using Google Weather Api are currently broken. Many systems that had integrated the API are now […]

Updated Google Pagerank checker script

This is a small post for those who have been banging their heads on various forums about “Google Kills PR” and “Pagerank addons not working” kind of stuff. Actually I did that too. ( 😛 ) Be assured that google did not kill PR. Page Rank continues to be a big deal for determining the quality of incoming links. Hence […]

Now this is a very old practice that was probably popular some 5 years ago. Blinking / flashing your page title. But the thing is that I had to use it yesterday for a chat page. Every time a new message arrives we wanted to catch the users attention. So thats where it helps. Where can you see the Title […]

After cracking my heading for whole 3 hours I finally got to get the right htaccess code to direct the payment folder for a clients site to SSL secure platform – yes https connections. Now I want to share the codes with you so that you don’t waste time and energy on that and help cutting out on green house emissions. […]

I see newbie programmers cracking up on htaccess issues. Normally it is a simple process where you can get beautiful stuff working in about 5 minutes time. Most of us find the required code by googling up our requirements. Its initially tough to master the htaccess coding. But when we put then to action on our own servers. It does […]

Hey Programmer, Since you are on this page I know you are a web developer.  Cheers mate. I hope you have not spent one whole night awake and skipped dinner like me when you had a deadline and Microsoft Internet Explorer acted up. Especially the God Damned IE6 which should, IMHO, be banned and all users using that browser be […]

We have faced this problem many of the times. When we want to display some message on top of all layers on a page or use some feature like jQuery light boxes. Normally the flash file continues to shine through the page. No matter what you do with layering the dom elements using z-index. See the layering flash content problem […]

It is pretty easy to work with cookies. They are really tasty. I am talking about PHP cookies and yeah we programmers can taste them. I will be highlighting some ‘not so common’ points about cookies today. Ready?? Lets Go. What are Cookies? These are little bits of information stored on your computer by a website. The specialty of these […]

What does this Script do? It changes the dimensions and hence the file size of  image files on the fly. All you need to do is specify a source file, set the new dimensions and this PHP class will generate the new re-sized image for you. Who should use this? Any one who needs to re-size their images automatically. For […]