Palta - Spatula

Meaning of Palta in English. How does Spatula look like

Learn what is Palta(Hindi), Pitha khadika ba pitha patia(Odia), Kaf giir, dawwa(Urdu) known as English.

How does Spatula look like
  • Palta transliterate in EnglishSpatula
  • Palta description in English

    A spatula is a broad flat piece of metal fixed on along handle used for lifting, spreading and turning foods, plasters, paint etc. Deriv3d from the Latin word Spatha, which translates to broadsword, spatulas are made with the same premises, except it is utilised in the day to day activities instead of combats. Spatulas are also used in the medical community to apply powder or paste or other forms of treatment.

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