Hamam dasta - Mortar (Pestle)

Meaning of Hamam dasta in English. How does Mortar (Pestle) look like

Learn what is Hamam dasta(Hindi), Hemadasta eban guda(Odia), Hawan Dasta(Urdu) known as English.

How does Mortar (Pestle) look like
  • Hamam dasta transliterate in EnglishMortar (Pestle)
  • Hamam dasta description in English

    Mortar & Pestle is an ancient device that is applied for the main purpose of crushing and grinding the substances into a fine powder or paste. A mortal is a bowl-shaped object made up of ceramic, stone and wood whereas the pestle is cylindrical-shaped object bulkier at the bottom made from the same material as mortar. The main advantages of using mortar & pestle are that the substances do not get warmed up while it is being crushed.

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