Tvarak gativardhak - Accelerator

Meaning of Tvarak gativardhak in English. How does Accelerator look like

Learn what is Tvarak, Gativardhak(Hindi), (Odia), (Urdu) known as English.

How does Accelerator look like
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    Also known as a throttle or gas pedal, the accelerator is located on the right of floor pedals in cars and on the right handle of motorcycles. The accelerator is pushed or rotated to allow gas to the engine. The harder one presses the pedal or turns the handle, the more gas is provided to the engine. Accelerators come with fail-safe design, which means they return to their usual position when not pressed or rotated. Accelerators help one increase the speed of the moving vehicle, although it needs to be paired with the gears to work effectively.

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