Steering parichalak - Power Steering

Meaning of Steering parichalak in English. How does Power Steering look like

Learn what is Steering, Parichalak(Hindi), (Odia), (Urdu) known as English.

How does Power Steering look like
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    A power steering system makes it easier for the driver to turn the vehicle by augmenting steering efforts. It adds controlled energy to the steering function, allowing the user to manoeuvre the vehicle with lesser physical effort while driving or while the vehicle is stagnant or moving slowly. There are two main types of power steering: hydraulic and electrical.

    In the hydraulic system, a hydraulic pump drawing power from the engine helps in the steering of the vehicle. In the electrical system, the input is provided by the driver to the ECU. The ECU sends an electronic signal to a motor located at the end of the steering column, which in turn provides necessary torque to turn the steering wheel quickly.

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