Monday, May 10, 2021
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Recession Hits me – how about you?

I have been working for a year and half with a travel chain based in Canada. I am positioned at New Delhi office where I lead the IT team. Recession began around the same time I joined here. We did not see much of an impact though it has hit travel very hard. The latest news is PIA (Pakistan International Air) has gone bankrupt. In India we saw tough times as well and currently the government is planning a bailout package for low cost carriers. But they had not affected me directly, unless you consider the fact that I have not seen a raise in salary for the last twelve months.

But recently it got me hard. I am consultant to a Recruitment agency in India that operates form New Delhi too. Now these people are totally dependent on international and domestic job openings for making a living as they supply manpower internationally. I have been helping them in Internet promotions. But as the jobs dried up in Americas, Europe and Arab things have got tough for international manpower suppliers. Competition is fierce. The big players are leaving no stone unturned to find the worm. Everyone gets up early so no worms for the early bird either. The SERPS are burning so recruiters are fighting it on search engines too to get more deals and sustain themselves.

To top it with more worries, unemployment caused due to recession is driving more Internet frauds. Every other week you see issues cropping up with fraudulent companies asking for payment in lieu of contracts. Promotions and spam are filling up the mail boxes like the 90’s boom. It is now a challenge for me to keep these people in competition and only time will tell if I can pass it’s test.


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  2. hmm i know it is a concern for many people but now slowing things are getting changed so we should help each other in getting overcome of all those easily and quickly.
    I know much improvement wont be seen but we can try for our level best

  3. I share your concern. Its seriously hard these days to competed in SE market for competitive terms. Its no more how well you are doing. Its about how different you are doing. We have to bring in innovation all the time to attract clients. Same work over and over again wont help the cause how ever hard do work.

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