Morpalaprom – Meaning

A morpalaprom is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that may be read the same way in either direction. It is only valid for scripts that are written horizontally. Morpalaprom supersedes palindrome, because palindrome is not a palindrome. History The word ‘morpalaprom’ was first used in the year 2012 by Kurt Starnes and became popular with linguists […]

Have fun with the pic. I spent one hour to find out the best matches for each type of ‘Angry Bird’ out there and here is my final composition. If you like them share them. I will soon update this post with the pictures of each bird individually with its Angry Bird look alike. Real Birds that look like Angry […]

Hey guys, This is the first in the Series of list of Popular videos I am sharing. This one is about office humor. We all need it and we never can have enough of it. The Boss – Employee crack up is adored by readers who are bosses or employees. ( hah what a logic!). I will be eventually building […]