AT&T rolls out MMS option for iPhone users

MMS on iPhone : Who cares if it is early? (

MMS on iPhone : Who cares if it is early? (

Even though it was not expected for another couple of weeks, some iPhone users have reported they now have the option to send and receive MMS messages. So now you can share videos and images directly with your friends through the telecom provider.

Previously there was a doubt whether the AT&T network, who are the telecom service providers to Apple’s iPhones, would falter with the heavy load. But now, grounding all anticipation the feature finally hits the iPhones. The official release date was 25th of this month. Then why this urgency? According to certain experts, AT&T is doing this to make sure there is a slow but smooth transition as the updates are rolled out gradually. They would not want waves of requests piling up on the final release date.

Are you the lucky one who has got the update already? Comment please.