Bluehost nameservers propagating too slow

December 20, 2017

I had a major issue with BlueHost Hosting recently where a simple task like adding a nameserver did not work correctly and I had to follow it up many times using chat support.

Normally a nameserver change is reflected in 30 mins to 4 hours and it may take upto 48 hours at max. But in my case nameservers took 6-7 days to propagate and this happened multiple times with multiple domains.

On the first instance they blamed GoDaddy, so I had a discussion with Godaddy support regarding the DNS problems. They clarified it with proof that it was nothing that they control as the nameservers are from Bluehost Hosting and only they are answerable why it is taking so long to propagate.

I used many open DNS checkers out there and only a few countries would report positive DNS update. On day 3 only 3 countries had the right DNS. On day four it increased to 4. On day 5 it increased to 6. On day 6 it was available in 10 countries but not in USA yet where the bluehost servers are located. So I still could not add an addon domain to my hosting. Finally on 6th or 7th day the DNS propagated to USA and we could add a domain.

This issue repeated in the next addon-domain addition. This time BlueHost was quick to blame Network Solutions for the problem. I blasted the idiot chat executive and told him I had had enough of their bullshit. So he told me please contact again after 6 hours when a domain expert is available.

Here is the chat transcript of the entire discussion.

    • R

      Dedi/VPS: VPS Support Addon Domain issue because of Nameserver again


    • J

      Janet joined


    • J

      Hello Rooturaj. My name is Janet and I apologize for the wait time. How are you today?

      Did you receive my last message?


    • R


      Yes I did

      I need to clear something regarding the nameservers.

      Why are the nameservers taking ages to update.

      In my career of 12 years I have never see a nameserver update taking 5-6 days


    • J

      I am sorry for any inconvenience you had to experience.

      May I know the domain name you are having issue with?


    • R (changed for privacy)

      I has been 2-3 days already since I made the nameserver change.

      Its only updated in UK and India till now. Exactly the same problem as with (changed for privacy) which was on Godaddy. You blamed Godaddy and Godaddy blamed you.

      And we had to suffer for 6 days. SIX days is not a joke. We need something up and live immediately and this grade of service for 600$ a year is pathetic.

      Hello, are you still here?


    • J

      May I know the main domain of your account?


    • R (changed for privacy)


    • J

      Is the domain (changed for privacy) which is having the issue?


    • R



    • J

      Please be on hold for 4-5 minutes, I am checking it further


    • R



    • J

      I am unable to locate account for

      Can you check your domain name again?

      Let me know if you meant domain name


    • R

      Are you aware that BlueHost does not let you add an addon domain untill its pointing you the bluehost nameservers?

      It gives an error – everytime you do that. And at the same time it creates a folder with the domain name. WOW! mighty advanced technology.


    • J

      I am sorry about the issue. Have you checked regarding this issue with your registrar Network Solutions, LLC. ?


    • R

      Are you even reading my messages?

      BlueHost chat execs did the same drama with which was on Godaddy.

      Godaddy execs told me – its not our Nameserver so how are we responsible for it propagating slow?

      Now you are accusing Network Solutions.

      So every bloody company on this planet does not know Hosting, Only BlueHost does.

      Its your problem and I want an explanation on this.

      Ultimately took 6 days to propagate.

      Now the same issue is repeating with

      Those are two different registrars (GoDaddy, Network Sols) but the same hosting company. So who is at fault here?


    • J

      Please provide the last 4 characters of the Main account password to authenticate you as the owner of the account.


    • R



    • J

      Thank you for validating.

      I am sorry about the issues. In order to check this issue further, I have created ticket to higher level specialists.

      The specialist will be investigating further and update you back through email


    • R


      but i need help right now..


    • J

      The domain specialists are currently unavailable. They will be available in 6 hours.

      You can contact us back after 6 hours


    • R

      it means you can’t help me right now..


    • J

      This is an issue which needs to be further investigated by domains specialists.


  • R


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