Kaddu kash - Grater

Meaning of Kaddu kash in English. How does Grater look like

Learn what is Kaddu Kash(Hindi), Korana(Odia), Sil, Kaddu Kash(Urdu) known as English.

How does Grater look like
  • Kaddu kash transliterate in EnglishGrater
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    A grater is also referred to as a shredder and It is one of the most well-known tools in the kitchen that is used for shredding the ingredient into fine shapes. In 1540, Frenchman Francois Boullier was the man who invented Grater. At the time of invention, It is only designed to grind cheese only but now with upgradation, It can shred most of the substances easily into fine pieces. Gaters are now available in different size and shape and It is generally classified into Flat Hand or Rasp Graters, Flat Heavy Duty Graters, Box Graters, Multi-Purpose Graters, Rotary Graters.

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