Aalmaari - Cupboard

Meaning of Aalmaari in English. How does Cupboard look like

Learn what is Almaaree, Almirah(Hindi), Aalmaari(Odia), Almaaree(Urdu) known as English.

How does Cupboard look like
  • Aalmaari transliterate in EnglishCupboard
  • Aalmaari description in English

    Originally, open-shelved side tables with dishware displays were called cupboards. These cupboards usually had one to three display tiers and multiple drawers. Now, a cupboard is a piece of furniture with shelves and doors that is used to store things. Typically people prefer to have their cupboard built in their room allowing it to become an immovable part of the room. In the United Kingdom, most houses have built in cupboard under the stairs. 

    A cupboard could vary in style and look from other cupboards but serves the same purpose of storing things.

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