Paryavaran - Environment

Meaning of Paryavaran in English. How does Environment look like

Learn what is Paryavaran(Hindi), Paribesha(Odia), Mahool-e-Asarat(Urdu) known as English.

How does Environment look like
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    The environment is essential and vital for the lives of humans, animals, and plants. It is the place where we live, work, and spend our lives. The environment is composed of elements such as land, sky, water, weather, forests, lakes, marine areas, and other components of life.

    Conserving and properly managing the environment is very important for humanity. Due to population growth and industrial development, the environment has suffered damage, posing a threat to terrestrial animals, plants, and water. Activities like pollution, land degradation, water scarcity for the population, construction work, and the harmful effects of substances on terrestrial life affect the health of the environment.

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