Kudaal, phaavda - Pickaxe

Meaning of Kudaal, phaavda in English. How does Pickaxe look like

Learn what is Kudaal, Phaavda(Hindi), ଗଇଁତି(Odia), Gainti, Kudal(Urdu) known as English.

How does Pickaxe look like
  • Kudaal, phaavda transliterate in EnglishPickaxe
  • Kudaal, phaavda description in English

    A pickaxe is a T-shaped digging tool. It combines with the metal at the head associated with a long handle occasionally made of wood. There is always a confusion between pickaxe and mattock as both the tool resembles the same meaning and seems quite similar in design. The only difference is that mattock comes with a horizontal or broad blade at one end and a pick or axe on the other end of the head, whereas a standard pickaxe is usually designed with a pointed edge and flat axe. The pointed edge is used for breaking and digging, whereas the flat axe is applied for chopping and skimming.

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