I handle the hiring for my company to a fair bit and come across some outstanding cover letters all time. While some of them irritate me so much that I have to order an extra shot of caffeine others are hilarious enough to take your mind off the work load for a while. Gonna share some with you. I have […]

Need Content Writers | Who can write ?

Hello Fellas…   I have another job opening to report. This time its my own requirement. I want some writers to write for me on a regular basis. The topics can vary widely depending on the projects in hand. So if you are interested then you must have a wide outlook to be able to grasp subjects and produce kool […]

Dear Friends, I had started a blog targeting “places to visit in India” some time last year. I has just around 10 posts till now but it does pretty well on search engines without any promotion or SEO. I am looking to leverage its reach this year and scope this year by focusing on more quality content and better coverage. […]

A mail lands in my mailbox claiming “Get Fake Experience Certificate from Genuene Company”. Do mark the “Genuene”. So if you plan to sue them they can say safely that we did not say genuine we said “Genuene”. The mail had a link and just two lines. I decided to dig a bit and see what is the scam about. […]