Separatist Forces of India | Nothing other than Opportunist scumbags

One of my friends today asked on his facebook profile…

is Arundhati Roy Anti-national? This is what Roy has to say about … Take some time to watch the video, its good.

Its not just Ms Roy; Mr Ram Jethmalini of BJP and Mr Geelani from the Huriyat have been branded anti nationals or Anti Party for voicing support for the separatist movement that has gripped Kashmir. No, not Kashmir rather the Indian nation as a whole. This post is my personal thought about the Separatist forces in India.

Mr Geelani today leads the Huriyat Conference that is demanding a separate state. Its not a secret that these people who lead this violent organization are pets of Pakistani military agencies who operate to spread mayhem in India. I wont say Pakistani government because that exists only in papers. They claim to find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir Problem by initiating dialogues with the separatist forces.

I ask you.. was there peace post the division after independence.
Will the people of Kashmir, if they choose to go independent, be able to defend themselves. The example of Swat should be an eye opener. Swat was Pakistani equivalent of Kashmir valley in terms of beauty and tourism. Where does it stand now? Do we want to see the same fate of Kashmir?

If we allow the separation of kashmir cuz it was annexed to India because of a Signature from the then Ruler Raja Hari Singh what about the states of  Andhra, Karnataka, Awadh and the near thousand princely states. Should we let them take an independent path? Is that what you call a lasting and peaceful solution? Shall we let the Naxals form governments or rather make separate states? Naxals are probably way smarter than the Huriyat. They know the power of a nation and hence they just want the power.

Learn from the history. Was pre- British India peaceful? Will the division into smaller states make happy citizens and bring better administration? We have been united in diversity. That is the force that binds a billion individuals, 500 dialects, 28 states. I would say BJP is right to stand against those who suggest separation as an answer to lasting violence.

We should see that these separatists are nothing more than Opportunist scumbags. The best part will be to neglect them all together. We have to make sacrifices for the greater good. I suppose the sacrifices should start with the separatists.