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Dedicated to Friends

I am starting this blog on 1st August 2009, in couple of hours it will be Friendship day. Hence this blog is dedicated to Akhil, Ashish, Abhilash, Aaryak, Arun, Alfa, Dinesh, Fadi, Faraaz, Karan, Kamalraj, Mahesh, Muaaz, Mukul, Pravakar, Raaj, Shantanu, Shushant, Suraj, Shaiju,Tarun, Taufiq, Varun, Vinoth, Archana, Deepa, Deepanjali, Jitha, Reem and Shusma. Guys you were the best thing that has happened to me yet. (or was it that sweet thing at Rajouri Graden metro..LOL ). For those who don’t know these characters I will put up their pics here. I share with these people great moments of joy, sorrow, wars and adventures. I would put something more about my friends when I am fully awake.

My Freinds form Merit IIT
My Freinds form Merit IIT

Image Collage Credits: Probably Made by Suraj Harichandan. That’s why he is not there. Who ever it may be he is definitely one among the above.


  1. Hi Root, This is wonderful, would like to join in your group. Is there any chance. I have to answer you previous question thru FB, i ll come back to you soon. htp://

  2. From Anomal,the guy who will be always anomalous whenever and wherever.Cool site from a Great person and Unmatchable Friend.only thing i can say to people who can be around him is “recognize and cherish how lucky u r to be around him.. “

  3. Dear Ariel and Nirmal, these people I mention are my batchmates form Engineering days in OOTY, TamilNadu, India. Each one of them is a prized possession in my life.

    Anomol, I am 98.55 % sure who you are but I don’t understand your necessity to stay anonymous. But Dude you words make me blush to the color of strawberries. Thank You.

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I have started a new project called the Indic Dictionary. This will cover popular household words in India and what they are called in various languages. Eventually, I will make this an easy to use app where where people can easily find something like “hing in English” or “Tea Tree Oil in Hindi” or “carrom seeds in Urdu”.