FAO lists J&K, Arunachal as independent Countries | Saves Face

Indians around the Globe were enraged when FAO listed Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as Independent States in its latest report on greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy sector (2010) .

This blunder was first brought to public by Times Of India [ref].

On further digging I managed to reach the original document [ref] ( I hope this is the one). But I do not see any thing about Jammu Kashmir or Arunachal there. Rather there is an addition India/China which probably stands for those areas that FAO hallucinates to be disputed. Refer to Annex 5 at the end of the document.

Gavin Wall, FAO head in India,  said the country grouping is based on FAO’s Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL), which aims at compiling and disseminating information on administrative units for all countries in the world and it complies with the UNCS international boundaries map.

So Mr Wall went wrong with your Global Administrative Unit Layers shit now? Bloody chicken hearts. This is a international pot to disintegrate India.  I call upon all Indian brothers to react strongly to such situation. Its better they fixed the mistake.  Else I would have made sure Mr Wall had a Merry Time in New Delhi.