Airtel GPRS EDGE Settings for HTC Wildfire

If you have bought that awesome HTC wildfire handset and looking for GPRS settings then I suppose this post should be of some help.

The normal way should be to call up Airtel Customer Care and ask them to provide you a manual walkthrough to set the GPRS settings. But we all know how crappy is the experience there. So here is the settings help for all those who want it.

go to settings > wireless & Networks >Mobile networks
there is one Mobile Network as well…sont confuse with that.
Then Click Access Point Names.

I see three option on my New HTC WildFire.
1. Airtel Live

2.Mobile Office

3.Airtel MMS

Choose Mobile Office

Make these Settings

Name – Mobile Office (MO or what ever)
Proxy – Not Set
Port – <Not set>
Username – <Not set>
Password – <Not set>
Server – <Not set>
MMSC – <Not set>
MMSC Proxy – <Not set>
MMS Port – <Not set>
MMS Protocol – wap 2.0
MCC – 404
MNC- 10
Auth type – notset
API Type – Default

Thats all Save and you are ready to roll. Welcome to Airtel GPRS/EDGE