Alltop added me to their geek list

Feels good when you get featured on one of the top blog aggregation of WWW. Yesterday Alltop added me to their Geek List. Thank you Alltop.

I hope I can find some good readers for my post there.

This group I am listed in seems to be ruled by one coupons blog that has somehow managed to enter about 20 entries into one category. I do not understand why Alltop is accepting such crap? This is pure spamming and everything seems to pass the Alltop approval these days.

Way too many outbound links on the page I am currently listed. Not even sure if google will read beyond 100 links. In that case I am filtered out of indexing.  Alltop if you are reading this please pay attention to these details. The quest for success and probably easy backlinks could bite back real bad.

Sorry if I sound too bitchy ..but that’s me – I don’t sugarcoat truth however bitter it may be.