Ha this is my crazy idea to get a templatep2p invitation. I need one invitation badly and I am willing to pay for it.

You can see I am seriously interested in web programming and UX. So please be satisfied that you are helping a guy in need. If you want a payment for the same – quote it.

I request your magnanimous self to help me with an invitation.

Just leave me a message in the comment field below and I will contact you back.

Others who are looking for a invite like me please don;t take it badly I will help you out as soon as I get one invitation.

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  1. john says:

    Hey are you still looking for an invite code? If you are email me: bcherdak95@gmail.com

    Il look for your email.

  2. Rooturaj says:

    Hi Could not wait longer. So I used the donation option to get an invite. Lolz. I dont have patience – so bad. Further I went on a vacation so never got time to check the responses on the blog.

    So guys anyone who needs an invite can contact John or Chad at email ids mentioned above. Enjoy

  3. Sam says:

    Can anyone pl send an invite to me. Many thanks.



  4. Antonio says:

    TemplateP2P invitation for $ (paypal) ! Contact me!
    anto_mic88 at tiscali.it

  5. ajju says:

    made a donation at templatep2p, it’s been three days and still not invite 🙁 what a bummer.

    Help !
    Would love an invite ..

  6. jamie says:

    anyone have a code i can use for tepmlatep2p i would be forever grateful to you

  7. Steve says:

    I made a donation on the 29th June and still haven’t received anything… Is this a scam?

    No replies from support@templatep2p.com either?


  8. Rooturaj says:

    I am not sure whats taking them so long to replay back to you. Are you sure you contacted them after making the donation? You need to tell them you have done it and ask for the code. I herd it was open for some – anyone could register. Check it out once.

    BTW i dont have privileges to send invites yet. If someone has please help these people.

  9. Drew says:

    I’m in the same boat. Made a donation and I havent heard anything. I’m thinking about disputing with paypal now.

  10. Drew says:

    Just as I posted this, I got my invite from their support. Thanks.

  11. Daniel says:

    So, Steve did u finnally get the invite code?

    Im waiting like 8 days. No replyes from P2P (i send emails from different acount… non e had a reply)

  12. Brian says:

    please I need an invitation…
    my email is: daceki?gmail.com


  13. Nido says:

    Also would like an invite please if someone can send me an invite to my address i would appreciate it.


    (please swap the “/” for “@” in email, i did this to avoid spam, thanks!)

  14. cem says:

    i need an invitation.
    e-mail: yawbigit@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance

  15. Deepak Gupta says:

    Just the same. Made the donation on 15 August, 2011. No invites yet 🙁 HELPPP

  16. pinoy says:

    please anyone can send me invitation code.. my email is pinoybigbird@yahoo.com

  17. chromono says:

    please help me an invitation for templatep2p.com
    my email is “phanleminhthao@gmail.com”

    thanks so much

  18. Nitesh Sharma says:

    Hi guys even I had paid them via donation its been 10 days now,,,, I have mailed them multiple times still no reply… Is it really a scam… Did u receive ur invites. What should I do now…. Any specific moderator whom I should contact….

  19. Zeepool says:

    I would be very grateful for an invitation. I hope someone can help.


  20. rishidevdas says:

    Hey guys.. have patience … the Admin will clear all your problem soon. I am a member there and yes, it takes some time for the invitation to be generated.

    If you have paid within last 20 days, your account will be activated soon. The site is definitely not a scam and its good to be in there.

    Have patience.

  21. adina says:

    Can someone send a invitation fpr templatep2p.com ….PLEASE

  22. Babybit says:

    Y get into templatep2p use a free sharing site like gfxtra.com – you sign up for free plus get more things.

  23. Zeepool says:

    I also made a donation on the 16/09/11, so i have heard nothing. I have emailed proof of donation, but not even a polite thank you reply. I have i been scammed too.


  24. Zeepool says:

    whoops just in case an invite comes my way :>) here’s my email.

    Kid regards

  25. kris says:

    I also made a donation about 11 days ago and still no response whatsoever not even to my emails. I’ve sen’t them about 4 very nice and polite emails and still no reply.

    I will post if I get the invite. but I would recommend people to wait until we get some confirmations to make sure you are not out $15 and a bummed out feeling that I think is worse than loosing the $15.

    If you are thinking of donating- WAIT! I will respond if I get mine.

  26. solarius says:

    Having the same problem. Haven’t received a invite code yet. It’s been 6 days now. Hope it comes soon.

  27. RJ says:

    Hi Guys:

    I didn’t get my invite yet after donation. Can someone please email me an invite (rjaffari@gmail.com)


  28. G says:

    I submitted a donation on the 5th. The website says 7 days they should stick to that 7 days otherwise that is false advertising and is illegal.

    I went ahead and submitted a dispute to Paypal.

  29. simran says:

    i donated 2 weeks before on Nov 6, 2011. no invite code yet. please update that templatep2p is not a con or scam website.

  30. Wanted says:

    I made a donation to them – no invitation code recieved… Have I been hustled? Im pretty sure the site is real because it’s very famous but still.. They haven’t reached me for like 20 days. I think I fucked up with this donation thing :(. Why they are doing this. My e-mail is awanted@gmail.com if something pops up you can write me guys…

  31. Hawk says:

    Neeed invite key of templatep2p.com (suleman19us@yahoo.com)……..

  32. darkoo says:


    Could someone pls send me an invitation to templatep2p.com.
    the only thing I can offer is demonoid.me


  33. darkoo says:

    oops.. forgott to put my “pusherboy8@hotmail.com” in the post

  34. Adrian says:

    I donated the $15, 3 days ago and still no invite. I was really hoping to get the invite during the holidays so I can work on my website, because I start school again on the third.
    If anyone can help me out it would be appreciated, my email is AdrianD001@hotmail.com


  35. fredrick says:

    Please guys you should not write negative comments just after donating to the site. I have waited 20 days and after that I was in. I find it very childish to see that there are people who just want an instant log in to the site. Tats not possible as its a manual process and it takes time. Have patience and all will be resolved.

    P.S: if you don not get and invite within 20 days mail to the admin from the contact page of the official website.

  36. Frustrated says:

    I have not received an invite code after sending them the requested donation over a week ago. According to their website, they will respond with 7 days (not 20 days as stated by Fredrick). I am probably going to file a dispute with my credit card company because they did no live up to their side of the bargain. It’s too bad because I was really excited about the site…

  37. Gartyboy says:

    Hi all, i need an invitation code to templatep2p.

    chypriss at hotmail dot co dot za

    much appreciated.

  38. Rosy says:

    I’m looking for a invitation also! can please someone invite me to inayami@Live.com

  39. templatep2p FAIL says:

    i sent templatep2p $15 for an invitation code a number of months ago and never received an invite code.

  40. Zer0d says:

    Hi all, i need an invitation code to templatep2p.
    my email its jhonathandiniz92@hotmail.com.br


  41. shkasjon says:

    please help me an invitation for templatep2p.com
    my email is “shkasy@gmail.com”

    thanks so much

  42. ladylibra37 says:

    I sent them an invitation on the 19th and I have sent them several emails and I have not received a response from templatep2p, I will give them until monday a total of 12 days to send me an invite, if I don’t get one I will be filing a dispute with paypal to get my obey back.

  43. ladylibra37 says:

    I got my invite code today! and I must say the $15 donation was definitely well worth the wait and the money!

  44. Hi anyone has invite code to share i will pay $5.Mail me @ admin@cysticpimpletreatement.com

  45. Jaz says:

    looking for an invite code for templatep2p.com

    please email burlington.boy@live.ca


  46. Lanre says:

    so please i need your help with a templatep2p invite code…i will be forever grateful to you email – lo.tunde4q@yahoo.com

  47. Bradley says:

    Hi Guys!
    Can anyone help me with an invitation?
    My email wesleycaribe@gmail.com

    Please 😉

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