Solution to  Dreamweaver / Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects / inDesign / Fire Works etc Crashing problem on PCs that recently upgraded to Windows 10 or just installed Adobe CS5 / CS4 / CS6 and similar after installing Windows 10 operating system.

Problem: On launching Adobe CS5 product, the application flashes for a second and then closes. Opening Dreamweaver / Flash / Illustrator / Photoshop and other Adobe files also causes the same problem.

Solution: Repair windows Files corrupted during installation.

Step 1: Open cmd (Command Prompt) as administrator. You need to be in the system32 folder to run this command.
Step 2: Type sfc /scannow and hit enter
Step 3: This will initiate a scanning process. Wait for the scan to complete. To complete the process restart the computer immediately.


Now try to Open your Adobe creative suite software and see if it is working. If the problem persists then it is probably a license issue of wrong installation.

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