A mail lands in my mailbox claiming “Get Fake Experience Certificate from Genuene Company”. Do mark the “Genuene”. So if you plan to sue them they can say safely that we did not say genuine we said “Genuene”.

The mail had a link and just two lines. I decided to dig a bit and see what is the scam about. Once you arrive on the page the first half page is packed with Google ads. How interesting!

What they are selling?

Fake Experience Certificate, Fake Offer Letters, Appointment Letter, Salary Slips, Corporate Email Id, Experience Letter, Relieving Letter, Letter of Recommendation, Corporate ID / Access Card, Bank Statement, Increment Letter

My first reaction was – “bloody hell”. How can a company sell this openly? They have packages ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 30,000 for a combination or all of the above fraud documents. This company also claims to be registered and having a successful track record of 8-10 years. ( they are not sure, then how can you be ). You can also use these fraud papers to blackmail your current employer to claim higher salaries, so the company claims.

Update : List of fake experience certificate providers in Bangalore busted by crime branch

I received the mail form raj@placemententerprise.com and this is their website that the sick company imagines to be “excellent’. The website seems to be covering a whole range of crapy services. They need to design their own website first before claiming to design ours. They have posted their descriptive ads on various forums like NaukriSalah

I feel sad that in our country such businesses and people can thrive. Not just thrive but offer services openly. Of course this has to be reported. Instead of displaying their creativity in something constructive and entrepreneurial young people prefer to take the short cut to financial gains. I wonder if they ever realize it is a criminal action to forge documents even for job applications or claiming pay hikes. Not just that they are incriminating innocent job seekers they are exploiting their limitations.

If you can see a little ahead of your present, then do understand that even though you might be able to land a job or etch out a salary hike based on these false achievements you are putting your future at stake. You will remain in constant fear all throughout your career. Imagine four years from now and you are in a respectable position when your fraud is discovered. You will loose more than your job. You loose your self respect and reputation in industry. I don’t know how you will take it then, if it was me then……

here is the mail

here is the mail

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  10. Kamal says:

    Writer of this article may have thought that this would warn people and probably even subtly insisted people to not resort to these unethical practices.
    The number of replies to this indicates “why this business” is flourishing!!!
    Author sir,you have helped advertising this possibility!!!

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  19. makrand says:

    I think people need employment even after doing different courses paying lot of fees if company demands experience then what should the candidate do only one way get a fake experience letter previously it was not so population was less people were less educated i think companies should not demand for experience cert rather check the talent in the employee because even majority of people who have experience are very less worth for that job

  20. venkatesh says:

    U r right Makrand.I accept with ur words.

  21. Manisha says:

    I believe that the most of the quotes support the fake experience letter issual portal and that is the only reason to encourage such unaunticated activities. Experience could only be gained through the kind of work perfomed by individual, not by getting such fake letters.


  22. Janhavi Sangar says:

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  23. vicky says:

    Actually It’s always system. System makes people do wrong things. I have seen guys really poor in studies but when then hit the floor they perform really well. our system demands papers not performance. So people buy papers pleople sell papers. I have even heard people buy fake degree to get job. I think job offers should be based on skills/personality/attittude and not on documents. I am not supporting making fake documetns but I personaly don’t like if someone asks me to produce so much of documents while offering job. In induction program company’s HR talk about Trust/ethics/privacy policies but while hiring they do not trust you. To build trust they need supporting documents :). To gain their trust people buy these docs if they do not have. it’s simply complicated. Grrrhhhhhh….

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  27. […] People seeking for overseas work as household service workers are required by the Philippine law to hold a National certificate level 2 (NC2) from the technical educational and skills development authority. Cacdac says that the POEA evaluation officer found the NC2 certificates of the overseas foreign workers submitted by the two agencies to be lacking security features. The TESDA Manila office also confirmed the certificates as fake. Results of the investigations found that the global recruitment agency submitted six fake TESDA-NC2 certificates whereas Excel Manpower Corporation submitted nine fake certificates. […]

  28. Girish Nayak says:

    I ws an MBA grad, 2011 pass-out, dint get my dream job (Inside sales). So, I decided to use a fake exp and try my luck. Well, soon as I got my fake exp letters, I got a job wit HP, verification all done dusted and now I’m working out of USA, fo the same role, IT sales with handsome package.. Moral of the story, just go all out man. If yu re not happy wit ur present job, salar etc , get a fake exp and go get that motherr…. Remember, life is all bout risk.. more the risk, more returns yu will reep… Thanks !!

    • rooturaj says:

      Hello Girish,
      I wish you all the best in your life. But consider this situation : You go to USA, and you are doing well there. Your wife and your parents are proud of you. One day your company calls you to tell you that your fraud has been caught and you are fired. Next they initiate police proceedings. Bangalore Crime branch is already hot on the heels of fraud experience certificate vending companies and techies who have bought them. Police drags you behind bars. Imagine how the world will come crashing on your wife / kid / parents / shiblings. Even they will have to pay for a crime they did not commit. Why Grirish? Why?

    • riti says:

      hope you are doing well..i am also thinking to put 1 year exp to fill the gap..please suggest

      • rooturaj says:

        If you want to fill the gap, then show it as work at some organization owned by your parents / relatives.
        You can even make a dummy project / start up and show that you worked on it in xyz capacity.

  29. vikas says:


    I worked with a company, i left this without serving notice period and they didn’t provide relieving letter, after that company, i joined a company. now i need the letter from my previous company, i told them, but told me they will not provide me letter.
    Plz give me suggestion what to do, should i make fake letter???

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