Gosh Its confirmed. It was a quake after all.

I was coding my brains out and then the glass started chattering. Then the chairs and tables shook. I felt the keyboard below my fingers shaking too. Never felt an Tremmor before. So I thought I am going nuts.

I put up the question on twitter and behold..its abuzz.



But looks like things are massive. Gods knows where the epicenter is. But people felt the shocks in Pakistan and Dubai.

If I happen to survive the night – given the main shock is not yet over. I will update you tomorrow.

I Did survive the quake then..lol.

Here is more info

God Bless us .

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  1. Sanal Nair says:

    Hi all,

    Here in New Delhi/NCR we felt tremors while we were working at Accenture’s office in Gurgaon.

    Glasses started shaking, papers were falling down and cups were moving from their locus.

    Hopefully till this moment everything is okay.

    May the almighty bless all of Us, May Jesus, our heavenly father bless all of us.



  2. Rooturaj says:

    Hey Sanal,
    That was my first quake experience. It was feeble but still crazy. Did not know if I should run out to the street as I had read before. Or just cool down. First I thought I too much of coding is getting into my head now. ha ha
    Thank God the epicenter was a relatively deserted area.

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