If you have bought that awesome HTC wildfire handset and looking for GPRS settings then I suppose this post should be of some help.

The normal way should be to call up Airtel Customer Care and ask them to provide you a manual walkthrough to set the GPRS settings. But we all know how crappy is the experience there. So here is the settings help for all those who want it.

go to settings > wireless & Networks >Mobile networks
there is one Mobile Network as well…sont confuse with that.
Then Click Access Point Names.

I see three option on my New HTC WildFire.
1. Airtel Live

2.Mobile Office

3.Airtel MMS

Choose Mobile Office

Make these Settings

Name – Mobile Office (MO or what ever)
APN – airtelgprs.com
Proxy – Not Set
Port – <Not set>
Username – <Not set>
Password – <Not set>
Server – <Not set>
MMSC – <Not set>
MMSC Proxy – <Not set>
MMS Port – <Not set>
MMS Protocol – wap 2.0
MCC – 404
MNC- 10
Auth type – notset
API Type – Default

Thats all Save and you are ready to roll. Welcome to Airtel GPRS/EDGE

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  1. vinay says:

    thanks for this.but in my htc wildfire,when i am clicking access point only two options are coming.Mobile office or MO is not showing.Plz help me out.

    thanks in advance

  2. Alok says:

    I did as you told, but my wildfire is not able to browse a website. Though news feed, weather and gtalk apps are working fine. Please help

  3. shirjeel khan says:

    Help me to activat 3G tower in my HTC WILDFIRE.

  4. shirjeel khan says:

    In my HTC wildfire I insert Airtel 3G sim.in sim 3G is already activated but setting is not there.plz give me manual setting..

  5. pankaj says:

    Hi guys i try the above setting to activate gprs on my HTC wldfire but it’s not working the mobile office option is disable & in Mobile network it showing Turning on……

    plz help last 1 week try to activate gprs but it’s not working.

  6. nandhini says:

    Hi…….. in my htc wildfire, in mobile networks no options are coming in access point network its just blank…….. do help please…….

  7. VIKRAM says:

    @ PANKAJ,
    Hello pankaj,
    I also went through same problem, but tried another way,
    if Mobile office option is disabled, just click on menu & reset the setting of APN.
    thats all, GPRS will get started.

  8. A. S. Bhasker Raj says:

    Tried setting up GPRS on my HTC Wildfire as per your tips.

    But when I entered MNC 10 and after saving the setting Internet cannot be accessed.

    I switched back to my old setting for MNC 49 and the net is working.

    What could be the problem?

  9. karthick santhanam says:

    thanks it worked for htc wildfire s

  10. Adnan says:

    Have difficulty activating Vodafone GPRS/EDGE on Wildfire S

  11. ashok says:

    can you please post me the complete process to be carried out plz its my request

  12. Balaacbe says:

    Hi, In my new HTC wildfire, in mobile networks no access point network listed, its just blank, also i tried to do this settings manually by entering thro New APN, but it is not saving… Just blank after pressing save. Can any one help me.

  13. backcho says:

    just switch of the mobile and restart it. Mobile internet will be working fine.

  14. Jibin says:

    @Vikram – I did exactly as what you said… First I made sure with the Airtel that my GPRS is active. Then opened the APN and from the menu selected Reset APN. GPRS is activated now.. Thanks buddy!

  15. Hasib says:

    @Backcho-i am the same problem like Balaacbe.after restartng internet doesnt work,please help.

  16. Vish says:

    bla bla bla…….!!!

    Just use ur head to start 3G.

  17. DInesh says:

    I tried to reset the APN setting.. It didn’t work. Later I changed MNC to 10, didn’t work. Agian I reset the APN. Now its working fine.


  18. subhani says:

    htc is very vast mobile do not buy dis.

  19. Purchased a brand new HTC about a month ago as a company phone however am very disappointed , firstly i’d have about 400 contacts on my prior XDA and was in a position to view by company or individual, not so on phone only by person which is of no use especially with no search option either. Battery fairly great approx 18 hours medium usage. Wireless/bluetooth weak, combined with parrott car kit ok for day or so however will not connect even by unpairing and pairing new.

  20. richard says:

    Help me to activat 3G tower in my HTC WILDF

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