I am writing this review on Valentine’s day 2011. My first line of Advice.

Please do not buy anything from hydrabadgift.com

why do we send gifts? Why do we pay extra money to get them delivered on time? Why do we choose special occasions to send those gifts?

You know the answers to that. You are probably reading this review because you are going to do the same. This is Valentine’s day and I am pissed up since morning. I paid 550 Rupees for a bouquet and 200 Rupees more for Midnight delivery charges. Its 12 30 in the day and no delivery yet. How kool is that?

Here is my research on hydrabadgift.com

They have other sites like indianflowerplaza.com and are registered under the company Apex Flower Mart. All of them are shitty services like the above. they have two numbers displayed on different sites.

When I placed my order they took my call and assured me it will be delivered at midnight with probably 30 mins delay due to bad traffic in the worst situation. I mentioned clearly what date and time is it supposed to be delivered. Even then no action till now. After 6 pm the day of booking they switched off all the phones. They put them on for some time but do not answer any call. You simply go mad.

These are bastards of first order who are not only spoiling the Indian brand worldwide but breaking the trust of online buyers in India as well.

To avoid confusion here is the crap of a website they have.

So just in case you are considering to put any orders on these three sites. Watch out you will only be repenting and cursing yourself like I am doing now.

I am not being paid by anyone to write this. You can contact me anytime to verify my sanity and non alignment.

Finally if anyone from apex Flowers, India flower Plaza or Hyderabadgift.com is reading this – FUCK YOU BASTARDS. May your Valentine run away with your neighbour.

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  1. zeeman says:

    Yeah, all the websites are a scam, chennai blossoms, apex flower mart, india flower plaza, not only is it frustrating for giving ur hard earned money away to these cheats, it is the time wasted, plus the embarassment of the gift not being received… i hope they all rot in hell.

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