Hey guys, you know about my addiction to online MMORPG games. I have played Travian for some time and now I am in KoramGame – Three Kingdoms. Recently there was a very interesting development on TKO. The Ultimate Server – U1. Let me brief you about such servers and the interest of Koramgame behind it. I have some tips for non Ultimate Server players who might be facing a server merger soon.

What are Ultimate Servers?

Ultimate servers are mergers of accounts of more than two servers. We normally have servers like S1, S2, S3…S30, S31…so on. Ultimate Servers are denoted U1, U2 and the like. For instance in the first ever Ultimate Server on TKO, they merged S5, S8 and S9 to form U1. After the mergers the old servers were deleted.

Why do we need the Ultimate Servers?

Very good question. As a player, NO, we don’t need them. We were happy plundering and ruling our servers. But then again there were players and leagues ranking 2nd and 3rd who were being grounded by the top league and alliances. Such a situation is referred to as dead servers. Wheer the top leagues and alliance is way too much powerful and has no challenge form rest of the server. On the new server the other teams have a chance of regrouping and fighting back with help from teams of other servers in similar situation.

KoramGame has its own vested interest in creating ultimate servers.

  1. Save operation costs.
    with one server U1 they now don’t have to run other three servers s5,s8,s9. No need to administer the sites and heed to player complaints.
  2. More gold sale
    when the servers are dead then people stop buying gold as there is very less competition. But with merged servers people starts competing again and hence buy more gold. That is what keeps them profitable.

Some FAQs regarding Ultimate Servers?
1. Will I Hold my capital and county cities in the new server?
Yes you will. But thy will change into special cities. The recruitment Bonus and speed bonus if any will be lost. The upgrades on the armies will remain. All other conditions hold. One major point that you may not like is that … if the attacker takes the city successfully then the city will vanish. There will be additional counties and capitals to takeover in the new server.

2.what if I have one account on each server?
You retain all three of them but you have to be careful with them.

If you have other questions…feel free to comment..I will answer them gladly.

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  1. Kyrielsh says:


    Thanks for the info. I do indeed have a few questions… First one is: is there a planning already for the server mergings ? (do I know when my own server will be merged ?)
    Second one is for the counties (more of a remark actually)… Actually I’m in a second class league you talked about and I’d like to use that opportunity. But if old counties/state capitals become regular cities then probably the actual owners will rush on the new counties and I can hardly compete, if the aim was to allow second class leagues to emerge I don’t think it’s the best way, would have been better to introduce some new cities that old owners of counties and state could not have cumulated with their super cities…

    Still, it’s interesting because if the mammoths fight themselves and some of their cities vanish as you say… It leaves a small chance to see them weakened and you can size an opportunity to steal a county… But for how long 😛

  2. Rooturaj says:

    Good thoughts Kyrielsh. I will try to answer them the best way I can

    is there a planning already for the server mergings ? (do I know when my own server will be merged ?)
    You will get a system message for the same with links to official forums if your server is going to be merged.

    But if old counties/state capitals become regular cities then probably the actual owners will rush on the new counties and I can hardly compete.
    We were the top league in s9 server and currently the second on u1. I have personally won 2 states and 3 counties out of which I have given away three to team mates. In an ultimate server your league can team up with the top league of other servers to fight the top league of your server. But it has also been seen that leagues of one server gang up and fight the others servers.
    You do have a chance…so once you plan to tie up with other league..bargain for some counties and states.

  3. Seizhin says:

    Hi there, I’m somehow concerned. I’m in s23 but I’m afraid that it might not be too long before they merge it.

    I’ve no country or anything, but I’m more troubled of my main with 3 50% Grain Oasis. If there is such merge, do I lose all the oasis?
    It’s technically hard to find 15 Farm city with 3 Grains, so I’m somehow worried. :)

    I’d like you to share your experience about oasis.

  4. Rooturaj says:

    Hey Seizhin,
    U got a very genuine query. When the server merge there are no new oasis around tobe acquired. But if you have 3 oasis now. Then you retain all of them. Just make sure the place you are moving to has three empty slots below it. You can use capital move tokes to move your cities on the map. As many free tokens as the no of cities you currently have.
    Capture as many oasis as you can now. It will be harder latter. Only other way to gain oasis in latter stage of game is to lobby cities with two or one oasis and then use a capital move token to move it to your 15c/9c to be recaptured.

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